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Top PC Cleaners We Know Are Effective

PC Cleaners are used to get rid of junk information from your computer for it to work more effectively. There is a wide variety of PC cleaners available on the market today, but most of them are not reliable.

We know how hard it is to choose the best PC cleaner that is why we have compiled a list of 6 top PC cleaners for you:

1. Glary Utilities

If you want a free PC optimizer, experts highly recommend Glary Utilities. Look beyond the technical language to the plenty utilities the software provides, and you will get various methods to improve the performance of your PC and lower the system crashes.

2. CCleaner

Software experts speak highly of CCleaner for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Besides, it has potent features for eliminating junk, nevertheless, they warn that it could be dangerous if handled by inexperienced personnel.

Remember to always have a backup plan prior performing a free PC cleanup, so that in case something unexpected happens your data is safe.

CCleaner has a paid and a free version which possesses similar features, the only difference is that the paid has powerful technical support.

3. System Cleaner

Similar to other top PC cleaners, System Cleaner starts by scanning your computer for problems that slow it down. If it finds registry errors, it repairs them and optimize the speed of your system.

In addition, System Cleaner ensures your disk is clean for smooth running. Being a product of Point Stone Software, many people praise the System Cleaner since it permits the user to optimize the network and modify internet settings.

4. SlimCleaner

Another excellent PC cleaner which happens to be Free is SlimCleaner. It occupies very small space of only 718 kilobytes and has a friendly user interface which has no bloatware.

Furthermore, it’s completely free, so do not worry about making purchases to upgrade your software.

5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This is another free top PC cleaner which does not provide live tuning but has the registry cleaner, internet cleaner, disk defragmenter, One-click optimizer and several other great features.

It is quite easy to install and has a fast processing speed, thus an essential tool for many computer users.

6. Fix-It Utilities Pro

If you are looking for a cleanup program that can boost and improve the performance of your computer Fix-It Utilities Pro is the ideal choice. It stops system crashes, fixes hard drive errors, streamlines the windows registry and eliminates all the issues that affect the performance and speed of your computer.

Fix-It Utilities Pro is available in two versions; boxed and paid version. The paid version allows you to optimize the performance of your system while the boxed version is perfect if you have many systems.

The best part is that you can use the available key of the box version on up to five computers.


Before you choose a PC cleaner you should consider a number of factors, particularly security. Take your time to study various reviews and compare the features offered before selecting the right system optimizer for your computer.

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