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Best Website Builders of 2017

Being a part of the cyberspace has become an inevitable requirement in today’s time. For growing a business, a person needs to be actively available on the internet and this can be achieved when you have a website.

Website builders are capturing the market and are helping all those who want productive results.

5 Best Website Builders of 2017

1. is today’s most popular site builder available. It has a network of 37 million websites all across the globe. Founded in 2006, Wix passed through various barriers ending up to annual profits of $60 million.

The website is regularly updated. Its interface is user-friendly making it attractive. Due to its friendly approach, Wix is popular amongst businessmen, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs etc. It follows the technique of Artifical Design Intelligence, which makes the process further easier. The designs and templates offered by Wix are one of a kind. They work as the best asset that the company has.


After being established in 2006, Shopify gained popularity amongst all. It is said to be a hassle-free portal which acts as an ideal platform for any business to grow. They work towards the motto of customer satisfaction and for that, they have the best quality customer service. It aims to withhold a friendly approach so that it is easily accessible.

It has responsive designs and templates which grabs the attention of a large group of people. With unlimited storage, Shopify acts as a trump card for flourishing businesses.


After being launched in the near past, has worked wonders. It was founded in 2014, making it a newcomer in this field. They aim to provide growing business with the best tools and templates so that they can create a magnificent output. It is a daunting task to make an eye catchy website but this is easily achieved through site builder.

It fulfills the requirements of every blogger, writer, and freelance artist by providing them with the best interface. shows its magic by working as a simplified electronic portal.


Originated in Israel, has gained the attention of a large population in just 4 years. Its captivating designs make it easier for any person to choose it over the other option. It lays its emphasis on SEO writing making it different from the rest.

It uses Bootstrap 3 technology which makes the whole process much easier, fun and tech-savvy. It is the best path to follow if you want to create a new charming website using a straightforward method of website development.


Weebly has a strong fan following across the globe. It is a vigorously used technique which aims to provide an area of excellence for all those wanting to expand their businesses. It was founded in 2007. Weebly acts as a multilingual platform which helps people all across the globe to use the services provided by them.

They work towards understanding their customer’s needs so that accurate results can be provided to them. Being easy to use, Weebly is one of the best available website builders.


The enthralling experience of being noticed is what takes a business to great heights of success. Cyberspace works as a boon in today’s world making it an essential part of everyone’s lives.